The Feed Me Project: On Breastfeeding


The Feed Me Project is an ongoing inquiry into contemporary views on breastfeeding, undertaken as a lens to focus on feminist issues.  While the work was originally spurred by personal experience, I made the decision early in its gestation to begin the project by asking questions rather than making assumptions about others’ perspectives, or demanding that others adhere to my own beliefs. As a result, many of my own opinions have changed, and what began as a collection intended to advocate breastfeeding has become a project which advocates women’s right to make their own choices regarding their bodies. It also advocates empathy and respect for all women, all mothers, all people, even when their choices are not our own.

That said, I believe strongly in “normalizing” breastfeeding, and the topic of nursing remains at the heart of each individual piece within the project. Each sculpture, sketch, and painting examines a specific experience or perception of breastfeeding, from the spiritually transcendent, to the physically painful, to the psychologically uncomfortable. Tying all of these works together is the underlying question of “Why?” Why do people in the United States today react the way they do to breastfeeding? What are the assumptions, expectations, and meanings associated with breastfeeding and motherhood which drive the passionate controversies over where, how, and if to breastfeed?

This project was generated under a Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant:

You can participate in this project! Leave your comments about breastfeeding below. This is a “safe space” and all viewpoints, expressed respectfully, will be honored. Please include your age and gender. Giving your name, ethnicity, religion, and political affiliation are optional. Responses below may be displayed publicly at the gallery exhibit for this project.

Participate in more discussions about breastfeeding, motherhood, and feminism, and find links to my expanded surveys, here:



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  1. Williampa says:

    Fantastic article post.Much thanks again. Really Cool. Sonner

  2. Boitshoko says:

    Hi thanx for accepting me…I have an event on the 4th of next month were I will be introducing my 6months old to solid food..I have invited mommies and the response is awesome..on the day we will be talking about the importance of breastfeeding…everyone is welcome..I’m from Johannesburg in Soweto..would like to invite you to come and have a chat with us…your precence will highly be appreciated…

    • amylynbrand says:

      Hello! I’m honored by the invitation. Is the event being held in Johannesburg? Unfortunately, I’m not in the position to travel internationally at this time. Thank you so much for your interest. I’d love to hear about your views and experiences of breastfeeding and motherhood if you would have any interest in conducting an email interview.

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