A transcribed Facebook conversation, begun January 24, 2015.

Amy Lyn Brand: So today a friend said to me, “I saw some of your art… I thought you liked breastfeeding?” Yeah, actually, I did! Though we had our bumps as far as learning, pumping, etc. it loved it. The hardest part was saying goodbye to that special time. Did anyone else enjoy breastfeeding? What were the best things, the positives?

 Emiko Kawabat: I love staring at the little one chug chug chug. So hardworking and powerful. That and pumping and manual extraction cracks me up, it totally makes me feel like a milking cow when I hear that squeezed milk hit the already expressed milk.
Amy Lyn: You are the only person I’ve talked to who found something good about pumping! I did feel like manual extraction was funny though. I felt like a cow but also strangely accomplished.
Emiko Kawabata: I like pumping. It does the job. It’s certainly awkward looking but it gives me a break during growth spurts when my nipples get sore and it lets me sleep through a feeding from time to time. It also gives me the relief of unloading some of the milk(discomfort) if the baby shows no sign of waking up soon.
Janice Baudassi:  I hated pumping but that was because of the environment I found myself in . . . At work, in a bathroom backroom, that smelled of sewer gas. It was awful. I loved breast feeding but hated everything about pumping.
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