A Facebook Discussion begun on January 9, 2015. I have edited the text to remove errors, and to condense it, preserving what I found most interesting or helpful here.

Amy Lyn Brand: Another breastfeeding question: Women who have tried breastfeeding, did you find it empowering?

Heather Irvin Hauser: During? Not that I remember. After the fact, definitely yes. I can look at these saggy old boobs and know that I fed my kids with them. I call them small but mighty – they fed 3 babies, and that is amazing. So, I have a better body image because I used them to feed the boys.

I also liked, during breastfeeding phase, that I was using my body for what it was made to do.

Faith Hayes: YES!

Kaitlyn Kinney: Empowering…no. I guess I view “empowering” as a way of indicating that I was empowered because I was successful breastfeeding, and if a woman isn’t successful breastfeeding then she would feel less valuable. But I do agree with Heather in that I was happy to be using that body part for what it was made to do. And I was grateful that I was successful because I believe that breastfeeding is the healthiest form of nutrition for a baby.

Amy Lyn Brand: Yeah, I never want to make people feel bad about a “failure” to bf (or to get pregnant, carry to term, have an unmedicated interventionless birth, etc.) The more I think and hear the more grateful I am for all our modern options and the lives and pain they save. That said, it’s pretty powerful to see nature up close even more so to experience nature acting through your own body.

Kaitlyn Kinney: Yes! I feel the same way. I would probably use the word “grateful” when discussing my breastfeeding experience, rather than empowering.

Faith Hayes: I will explain. I turned 21 two weeks before I delivered my son. I had no money, we struggled for a very long time while I completed my education. It was extremely empowering to be able to feed him. It was about all that I could offer…

Katie L. Lupo: Once I was able to do so with ease, for sure. However, this empowerment was balanced by feeling like a complete failure as a mother and a woman until I got it right.

Kaityn Kinney: Hence my problem with describing an ability to breastfeed as “empowering”. Why should a woman feel like a failure because she can’t/has trouble/chooses not to breastfeed? In my opinion, that is a huge flaw that our society has linked being a good mother to successful breastfeeding. How awful!

Katie L. Lupo: The cracked/bleeding nipples didn’t help lol

Lauren Ann: I used to like breast feeding in public just because I knew some people were against it. I don’t think feeling empowered by breast-feeding is a put down to women who can not breast feed. Empowerment is in the eye of the beholder! Formula or breast feeding your are nurturing your baby the best you can.

Amy Lyn: Now that is the Lauren I remember from class, and yet more mature. Glad to see your rebellious streak is going toward a good cause. I love it!

Sheri Grennille: Knowing that my imperfect body was able to make the perfect food is one the biggest accomplishments of my life.

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